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Noise API - Noise Application Programming Interface

The unique NoiseAPI from NoiseMeters is an API for developers and systems integrators wanting to include noise measurement in their software or control system. It provides a clearly defined set of instructions that are used to download the common parameters used for noise measurement (e.g. LAeq, LAmax, L90, etc.) over the time periods required. The NoiseAPI device handles all the measurement and noise analysis, leaving you free to deal with presenting the results to the user.

The NoiseAPI device connects to your network by wired Ethernet or WiFi. You can communicate directly with the NoiseAPI device using HTTP or HTTPS over your network, or you can connect through our routing server (on to give you access to the device from anywhere on the Internet. Communication can also be by WebSockets if you need a live feed of the sound levels or noise events.

  • Measures and analyses the noise levels
  • Connects to Ethernet or WiFi network
  • Accepts HTTP/HTTPS requests for noise measurements
  • Accepts WebSocket (WS/WSS) connections for live data
  • JSON formatted responses
  • Free evaluation period to try it out

Local Network or Routing Server

We talk about "direct connections" or, more correctly, connection to the NoiseAPI device on your local network, whether that is by WiFi or wired Ethernet cable. Using this method everything is kept within your network and this is usually the quickest method of communicating with the NoiseAPI device.

However, if you want to communicate with a NoiseAPI device on a different network or in a different part of the world you either need to set up some custom routing (relatively easy for I.T. folk) or you can use our "NoiseAPI Routing Server". In this case the NoiseAPI device connects to our server Instead of talking directly to the device your application sends its requests to our server, which passes them on to the device. The server then sends the responses directly back to your application. Communication is very similar to the direct method but of course the responses will be a little slower.

Evaluation - Test With Your Application

If you are familiar with our "Routing Server" then you will already know that you can communicate over the Internet with NoiseAPI devices anywhere in the world. We always have some of our own devices running and connected to the routing server for you to use for evaluation purposes.

So you can be sure that our NoiseAPI interfaces nicely with your application you can connect via our server to one of our devices to see it in action. Communication via our server is very similar to doing it on your local network, so even if local network connection is all you need, evaluation using our server is still useful.

An evaluation account gives access to all the documentation for the API and to some some live examples, showing results from NoiseAPI units in our offices.