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LiveNoise Terminal with Low Cost Microphone

LNT-M with Low Cost Mic
LNT-M with Low Cost Mic

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LiveNoise Noise Monitor
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LiveNoise Noise Monitor
In stock

LiveNoise Noise Monitor Pack of 3
In stock


  • Monitors and Stores Sound Levels
  • Network Connection (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • Easily Wall Mounted
  • Accurate Sound Level Indicator


  • Office Noise
  • High Noise Level Alarm
  • Steam Leak Monitoring

Low Cost Noise Monitor

This LiveNoise monitor is fitted with a low cost microphone. While it gives an accurate measurement of the relative sound level, it is not intended for applications that need a monitor meeting standards such as IEC 61672 and ANSI S1.4. Please see our other noise monitors for these applications.

The LNT-M is ideal for monitoring long term relative noise levels and warning when levels go unexpectedly high. A typical application would be monitoring for high pressure steam leaks in an industrial environment.

It is also ideal for monitoring the noise levels in open plan offices. A mixed system including this low cost version along with the LNT-320 or LNT-EAR noise monitors can be used to monitor larger areas with additional accuracy at key locations.

The noise monitor can communicate continuously with the LiveNoise Supervisor software to provide real-time noise levels, long-term stored noise measurements and high-noise alarms. The LiveNoise Reporter software can generate long term reports.

Alternatively, you can use the Web Reporter for online noise reports.

An HDMI monitor can be connected to provide a large display of sound levels. The display can even be an old VGA monitor that you have hanging around, but you will need an HDMI to VGA adapter.

networked noise monitors


Installation of the LNT-M Noise Monitor consists of choosing the location that you want to monitor, ensuring power is available and selecting whether to connect to your network by WiFi or wired Ethernet.

The LNT-M benefits from being wall mounted, but it can just be placed on a shelf or desk, laid flat. As the microphone is small and plugs directly into the unit (can be seen at the bottom of the box in the images), there is only one wire to connect up for power.


The system requires 5V DC, which is provided by the power adapter that is included. It should be mounted close to a power outlet.

As this device is powered by 5V, it is possible to power it from a computer's USB port, as long as it is able to supply the max 12W required. Communication will not be carried out over the USB port, just power.


The LiveNoise Terminal is mounted using two screws or can just sit on a shelf or other suitable surface.

If a more secure mounting method is needed then an additional security bracket is available. Please contact us for more information.

mounting the lnt-m wifi noise monitor
Mounting Plate - Two Screws

Network Connection - WiFi or Wired Ethernet

The LNT-M can communicate with the LiveNoise Supervisor software to provide a real-time display of sound levels and for long-term noise measurement storage. With the Supervisor software running on a computer on your network, the LiveNoise Terminal just needs access to the same network.

If you are only using the Web Reporter for your noise reporting then the LiveNoise monitor uses the network connection to upload its measurements to the cloud server.

Wireless or Wired?

If a reliable WiFi signal is available then all the noise monitor needs is the network name and password to connect up. If you prefer a wired approach then connection can be made via an Ethernet connection (RJ45).

No Internet or High Security

The LiveNoise monitors can run with the Supervisor software on a local network with no Internet access. The software will not receive updates and we won't be able to provide remote support, but this is ideal where security systems limit access.


The LiveNoise Supervisor, Reporter and the online Web Reporter are included when you buy one or more LiveNoise Noise Monitors.

With the noise monitors connected to your network, you can chose how you want to deal with a live display and with long term reporting.

Local Network

Operating on your own WiFi/Ethernet network, with live sound levels sent to a Windows computer, you will use the following software:

Supervisor - Connects to all your noise monitors, showing the live sound levels, indicating any high noise level alarms and storing long term measurements.

Reporter - Using the measurements stored by Supervisor, this software generates long term noise reports: daily, weekly, monthly or custom periods.

Online Reporting

The noise monitors send all the noise measurements to our cloud server, from where the Web Reporter provides you with noise reports.

Supervisor Software

  • Connects to Noise Monitors
  • Real-Time Sound Levels
  • High Noise Level Alarms
  • Configure Remote Monitors
  • Downloads Measurements

Reporter Software

  • View Noise Measurements
  • Noise and Alarm Reports
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • 1s Leq Noise Profile
  • Create Reports for Sharing

Web Reporter

  • No Software to Install
  • Access Using Your Browser
  • Periodic Noise Reports
  • High Noise Alarm Reports
  • 1s Leq Noise Profile

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range50 to 120 dB
Frequency Weighting"A"
Noise MeasurementsLeq, Fast Sound Level
USB PortFor USB memory stick configuration and keyboard
Ethernet PortRJ45 socket
Video OutputHDMI
Internal Memory16 GB for up to 5 years storage
Dimensions70 x 88 x 29 mm, 2.8" x 3.5" x 1.2"
Power5 VDC, max 12W (power adapter included)

LiveNoise LNT-M Dimensions

lnt-m dimensions