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Class 1 Dual Level Sound Calibrator

Dual Level Calibrator
Dual Level Calibrator
Dual Level Calibrator Dual Level Calibrator Calibrating a Sound Meter or Dosimeter

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Class 1 Dual Level Calibrator, 94dB and 114dB at 1kHz

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Class 1 Dual Level Calibrator, 94dB and 114dB at 1kHz


  • IEC 60942:2003 Class 1
  • ANSI S1.40:2006
  • Dual level 94 and 114 dB
  • Frequency 1 kHz
  • Fits ½" microphones
  • Adapter available for ¼" microphones
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Calibration check of Class 1 sound level meter
  • Calibration check of noise dosimeters
  • One calibrator for multiple meters
  • Field calibration checks


The CR517 Acoustic Calibrator meets ANSI S1.40:2006 and IEC 60942:2003 to Class 1. It is designed for use with the Class 1 or Class 2 sound level meters and noise dosimeters that NoiseMeters offers.

Hand held sound level meters generally expect a calibration level of 94 dB at a frequency of 1 kHz. Noise dosimeters, which mount on a worker's shoulder to monitor daily noise exposure levels, often expect a calibration level of 114 dB at 1 kHz. Rather than having two calibrators the CR517 can be switched on at either 94 dB or 114 dB for use with either noise measurement device.

Class 1 is the more accurate grade of calibrator designed for use with Class 1 sound level meters. As Class 1 matches or exceeds Class 2 in all areas, you can safely use a Class 1 calibrator with a Class 2 sound level meter or a noise dosimeter.

Using It

When the Calibrator is switched on it emits a 1 kHz tone at either 94 dB or 114 dB. The calibrator should be pushed carefully (firmly, but slowly) on to the microphone capsule of the sound level meter or noise dosimeter.

The meter should now be adjusted accordingly. Older sound level meters will have to be adjusted manually to the correct reading. Most modern meters (and all those supplied by NoiseMeters) adjust themselves automatically.

Most sound level meters calibrate at 94 dB. Many dosimeters calibrate at 114 dB but some calibrate at 94 dB. Check the specifications for your sound level meter and noise dosimeter to ensure you are calibrating at the correct level. If you get it wrong then the meter should reject the calibration.

StandardsIEC 60942:2017 Class 1
ANSI S1.40:2006
Sound Level94.0 dB ± 0.2 dB
114.0 dB ± 0.2 dB
Frequency1 kHz ± 1%
Distortion< 2%
Reference conditions23°C, 101.3 kPa, 65% RH
Microphone size½" (to IEC 1094-4)
Calibration adapterQD7 for use with 1/4" microphone capsules
Battery type1 x 9v (PP3, 6LR61, 6F22)
Dimensions121 x Ø47 mm
Weight220 g with battery
ControlsPush button start at 94dB, push again for 114dB
LED power indicator. Manual or auto switch off
CE classificationEN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
EN 61000-6-1:2007