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Hire of HAVi Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Time Monitors

havi hand arm vibration monitor

The HAVi hand arm vibration monitor accurately tracks the length of time the tool is used. It then calculates the vibration exposure and displays the HSE points.


  • Hand arm vibration
  • HAVS risk assessment

Main Features

  • Accurately capture trigger time
  • Easily moved between tools
  • Button push setup - no software needed

Hire Kit Includes

  • Six HAVi Monitors
  • Instruction Book
Hire Period:

Kit Contents

havi kit with 6 vibration monitors

Includes monitors and accessories to assess six machines or employees at the same time.

grinder tool vibration - havi


  • Hand Arm Vibration
  • Measuring Vibration Exposure Times

The HAVi monitors are intended for assessing Hand Arm Vibration exposure. The vibration magnitude for the tool is entered and then the HAVi measures the length of time that the worker is exposed to the vibration. From this it calculates the HSE points.

grinder tool vibration - havi


Set the m/s2 value for the piece of machinery.

havi buttons


Attach the HAVi to the tool using the strap or cable ties provided.

attach the monitor to the tool


The monitor senses the tool operating. It starts and stops automatically, accurately recording the length of time it operates and calculating the vibration exposure.

The exposure is displayed clearly as HSE points. These can be easily reset when moving between tools or when switching users.

Features and Benefits

Clear Display

Shows Magnitude/Time/HSE Points at real time on an integrated LCD Screen.

Long Battery Life

1000 hours trigger run time.

Flashing Warning Lights

Amber light flashes at EAV (Exposure Action Value) and Red light at ELV (Exposure Limit Value).

Self Contained Programmable Device

The HAVi can be programmed easily in seconds without the use of computers or software, making it highly operative friendly.

Robust Design

100% waterproof and dust proof, it will survive the toughest of environments.

Easy to Fit

No gluing or sticking required, fits any powered vibratory tool with simple ties or strap, both supplied, a true answer to all requirements.

Traffic Light Branding

The HAVi can integrate into any current ‘traffic light’ system of HAVS compliance.