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Hire of 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosimeters

dosebadge noise dosimeter hire

The doseBadge noise dosimeter can be hired for one week or more to assess the noise levels that your workers are being exposed to.

Particularly useful for people who move around a lot, the doseBadge kit contains five dosimeters, making it ideal for monitoring a larger number of people during the hire period.


  • Monitor noise exposure in the workplace
  • Ideal for workers who move around a lot

Main Features

  • Small, lightweight and strong
  • Monitor five workers at the same time
  • No wires to catch on machinery

Hire Kit Includes

  • 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosimeters
  • doseBadge Reader and Calibrator
  • Battery Charger
  • Software and download cable
  • Calibration Certificates for doseBadges and Calibrator
Hire Period:

Noise at Work Assessment

Noise exposure in the workplace can be assessed using either a hand-held sound level meter or using a noise dosimeter mounted on the worker's shoulder.

With a hand-held sound level meter you measure the sound level at each location and use this with the length of time the workers spends there to calculate the exposure. With a noise dosimeter you measure for the full working shift and it provides you with the overall exposure value.

The doseBadge

Each doseBadge (there are five in the kit) contains a rechargeable battery. The unit itself is small and light weight. It mounts on the worker's shoulder to measure the noise levels close to the ear.

The best way is to leave it measuring for the full working shift, providing you with the noise exposure level, LEPd, as required by the noise at work regulations.

Noise at Work - Factory Noise Surveys

The doseBadge noise dosimeter is intended for measuring sound levels in a relatively noisy factory environment.

  • Measuring a worker's Noise Exposure LEP,d
  • Monitoring roving workers
  • Confined spaces
  • Inside machinery cabs
  • Monitoring multiple workers at the same time

Lower Sound Levels?

For sound level measurement in lower noise environments you should use a hand-held sound level meter. For longer term measurements these hand-held meters can be mounted on a tripod.

Suitable meters would be the Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter or the Class 1 Environemntal Sound Level Meter.

Start of the Working Day

  • Fit the doseBadge onto the Reader and press the Reset key to clear its memory
  • Calibrate the doseBadge by pressing the Cal key
  • Attach the doseBadge to the worker using the supplied fixing
  • Point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Run key

Leave the doseBadge measuring for the full working shift...

While it is possible to measure the LAeq over a shorter period and then calculate the exposure (LEpd), when using a dosimeter it is better to leave it measuring for the full working shift. This saves doing the potentially complex noise exposure calculations and ensures you measure all relevant noise levels.

End of the Working Day

  • Point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Stop key
  • Remove the doseBadge from the worker and fit it onto the Reader
  • Press the Cal key if you want a second calibration
  • Press Read to transfer the results to the Reader
  • Put the doseBadge on to charge to be ready for another day's monitoring

The measurements can be viewed on the Reader's built in graphic screen or they can be transferred to a computer for storage, analysis and reporting. The Reader can download a number of doseBadges before the measurements are transferred to a computer, so it is only necessary to carry the Reader on site.

StandardsIEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters
Reader's Internal Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2001 Class 2
Measurement Range70 dB(A) to 130 dB(A) RMS
120 dB(C) to 140 dB(C) Peak
Measurement Functions1 Minute Time History of: LAeq (3dB), LAVG (4dB or 5dB), Peak (C) Level, Battery Level
For 3dB Exchange Rate: LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure (Pa2h)
For 4dB & 5dB Exchange Rates: LAVG, TWA, % Dose, Estimated % Dose
Weightings‘A ’ for all RMS measurements.
‘C ’ for Peak Sound Pressure
EnvironmentalTemperature: -10 °C to +50 °C Operating
Humidity: Up to 95%RH Non-Condensing
DimensionsMicrophone Apex Ø13.0mm,Base Ø47mm,Height 38mm
WeightdoseBadge: 45gms (1.6oz)
Reader: 400gms (14oz)