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Environmental Noise Monitors

Noise monitors for the long term assessment of environmental sound levels, noise around factories, construction sites and and other industrial areas. These monitors are suitable for installation both outdoors or indoors, being protected against the weather and high levels of dust. The LiveNoise monitors have WiFi and Ethernet connection and come complete with software to provide a live display of sound levels and high noise alarms, along with software for producing long term noise reports. The EM2030 monitors connect to the Internet over a 3G link, making them ideal for areas with no WiFi signal or Ethernet connection. They also have web based reporting for more flexible access.

Which Noise Monitor?

For general noise monitoring in and around a factory or other enclosed area, the LiveNoise monitor should be ideal. It just needs power and access to an Ethernet or WiFi network. If you want a live display of the sound levels then the LiveNoise system provides this, along with long term reporting.

For monitoring over larger areas, or if you need a portable unit then the EM2030 models are ideal. These units are also configured to meet the IEC and ANSI standards to Class 1 / Type 1. These units automatically upload their measurements to a web server, making it possible to view the noise reports from anywhere in the world.